The Ottotontic World So Far…

Various scenarios playing out between the Ottotontic world below and the Above world atop the surface of the Earth:

Grapling/Lins Quinfek and Jundus have both left Ubinika, leader of the Graplings/Lins community. Quinfek is disgusted with Ubinika’s interference in something Niff tries to do involving Gavanar, leader of the Haplings. Through a confidential network, Niff gets word to Ubinika of his dedication to her commitment to the Grapling assertion of Dismissal which is the removal of new life conceived. Ubinika agrees to meet with Niff but something happens to her along the way because of a subordinate of Niff.

Jundus, a close known of Ubinika’s, has left her because of something happening to Jundus in her attempt to involve Gavanar in a new alliance with Jundus for the sake and safety of the entire Ottotontic world. Jundus convinces Ubinika such an alliance between the Haplings and the Graplings would ensure no new conflict between them would occur.

Santric, meanwhile, is elevated to the Grand Panel at the behest of Gavanar after Kekel loses his position. Santric is then in a much stronger position to confront the assertion of Dismissal and end it. But something happens to Santric, and he ends up in the Korns/United Individuals community which he never expected.

The search for the four missing explorers who descended the Grand Vent in Antarctica in the Talon Valley 3-2-1 capsule continues as word spreads of massive amounts of gold found in the grand vent. This information reaches an entrepreneur who, through various sources, learns of the existence of two other grand vents, each of which could contain trillions or more in gold. He sets out to find the vent in East Africa.

International intelligence organizations, particularly in England, monitor the entrepreneur’s activity, fearing that his descent into another vent would encourage hostilities with the Ottotontics who have been maintaining contact with the Above world through the grand vent in northern Pakistan, (even as the Ottotontic government denies the existence of such an above world to the Ottotontics themselves: for security reasons.)

Communications with the Ottotontics have disclosed that they have a neural toxic gas which renders people catatonic. And they have developed a light source four times brighter than the sun. The lumens of the device were measured. This, coupled with the uncertainty of the exact number of all existing grand vents, provokes an aversion to any confrontation with the Ottotontics.

Ubinika, Gavanar, and Apansara, (the three leaders of the Ottotontic communities) know nothing about any above world. This information is being held in closest confidence among only the elite of the elite of the Ottotontic government. And they have no knowledge of the four captured explorers being kept in isolation as the government decides what to do with both them and their capsule: a feat of technology unheard of among Ottotontics.

Hedler, meanwhile, ( a known [friend] of Santric’s) confronts Santric in a secret location and displays to Santric a reflection (image) of the four female explorers being held captive within the government buildings. Santric, observing the reflection, demands to know how Hedler or someone else had created the reflection. He believes it is a fake and Hedler, once again, is pushing his lie about an above world. Duty bound, Santric turns Hedler over to the authorities. It is a violation of the Ottotontic world assertion that there is no above world if one claims otherwise. Hedler faces confrontation (trial) and eventual removal (death).

With each passing cycle (day), the separation between the Above world and the Ottotontic world grows less and less. The fate of the four explorers and the descent of the entrepreneur in the East Africa vent remain uncertain.

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