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Boston Conference (Code name)

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March 3, 2020 (Code Date)

Member Status: Level 29 (Code Level)

RC 60w.s Crt 4577321

I think the Ottotontics are bluffing. First of all, those accounts occurred back in 1945. And this rep for the O’s is telling these Germans that the O’s can produce a light 4 times brighter than a hydrogen bomb. The hydrogen bomb hadn’t even been invented yet. 

Its theoretical construction was on the table. Scientist were already considering its possibility in 1945. That was the reference point the Ottotontics were using.

But what technology could they possibly have that could produce that kind of light?

The same effort that produced the hydrogen bomb.

That’s impossible. The reaction produced that level of light. And only for a… nano second.

We are not talking about a bomb; we are talking about photon plasma technology. Scientists know that photons can be manipulated. The Ottotontics not only found that out to be true, they found out how to maximize emission. Lumens. Brilliance. Brightness.

Four times the lumens produced by an H bomb? You actually believe that’s possible?

The sun is in the sky. Do you believe that’s possible?

The sun is the product of billions of years of a variety of processes which occur all over the universe. What the Ottotontics are talking about has to happen in a lab under controlled conditions.

How do you know that? How do you know that some things can’t be created without a lab?

The argument is: it is not worth confronting them when it comes to these four scientists… explorers. After all, they invaded their world. The Ottotontics did not come after them.

If we display fear; if we display weakness… this is an open invitation to any hostile prepared to invade our world. Our… country. 

Like who? Them? They are more concerned about us disturbing them, then they have ever been about disturbing us. Ottotontics vanish if they believe there is an above world. They remove them. Permanently.

That’s what they tell you.

And I believe them. It is in their interests to do two things: first, not to allow some kind of panic because the Ottotontics discover there actually is an above world and second, make certain nothing happens to the vents that provide them with air, cold air, water, and ventilation. What this is is the result of a species, us, always being curious, never being satisfied. And they have known what we are capable of from at least the 15th century to the 20th century. That’s five hundred years of keeping a lid on us. We have to know when it is time to stop, and this is the time.

So we are working to find out how to travel in space to find new life forms, and we have a new life form right under our noses, and we are just going to ignore it.

For the sake and safety of our world, yes. There are tribes in South America that scientists try to study. You know what happens to them when they are discovered by the tribes? They are killed. You want to know why? Because these people do not want to be disturbed; they do not want to change. And governments down there are smart enough to know that retaliating for those deaths is nothing more than a death sentence for those people. There is value in preservation. It links us successfully to the past and to realities we may not comprehend but we need to respect them, just as we demand our way of life is preserved, protected, and respected. If they went out and tried to destroy our world, that’s a different story. But they aren’t. And neither are the Ottotontics.

Who is compelling them to play our culture game?

What do you mean?

One of them did an interview as if she were a star in some show.

That was a way to help dismiss them. Nobody cares about silly antics. It is the goof ball operation that nobody notices that gets things done. Someone somewhere could convince the world such a place exists. That cannot happen. These… productions… help to… downplay that possibility.

Where is she?

She lives in Los Angeles. There are seven of them in Los Angeles. They are all involved in a production as a means to make certain nobody takes them or this situation seriously. It was an idea that came up in a series of negotiations. The Ottotontics were against it, at first, but the dismiss-ability of it was too good to pass up, apparently. They are playing out roles written for them; it is completely different from the actual Ottotontic world. Core leaders refused to let them be filmed for real, so they agreed to do a 3D version instead. And why? Because if we allowed this to get out, to actually become real, everybody is doomed. 

Have people seen them?

No. Other than our people. They are kept in a sound stage in Culver City, have living facilities, their type of food– sort of–and have access to private jets that can take them to northern Pakistan if they need a break. Cars are completely tinted so no one can see them.

They fly to Pakistan?


Who’s paying for all this?

We are.

If this is all 3D, why do they need to even be here?

They want to monitor what we are doing. They don’t want to be misrepresented. And they want to know if anything occurs which threatens them, the vents, their world—they want to be ready. They have physical attributes that will never show up in the productions. And they kind of like pretending to be like us. It fits in with a society obsessed with make believe. They’ve seen our productions, and our addiction to make believe astounds them. It’s all to make certain that if someone insists the Ottotontics exist, they can be quickly debunked. Who is going to believe some cheap 3D story?

What kind of attributes?

I’m not at liberty to tell you. Suffice it to say they are different. 

Do the 3D depictions represent them at all?

Yes, they are very much like them, but not in all aspects.

What about the four explorers? And their machine.

We are working on that. It’s a tenuous situation. We don’t want to provoke them. Their physiology provides them with protections against the toxicity of the substance they have. If we were do something horrific like use nuclear weapons against them, even conventional weapons, that substance would be released and that would be the end of us.

Wait a minute. Why do productions about the four explorers? Why promote that?

To keep their situation, the explorer’s situation, on the table. As long as they know we know this happened, it may prevent anything from happening to the explorers. But if they believe that we are prepared to do something… disturbing, that would be the end of us.

Or so they want you to believe. Do you have any evidence?


The substance was recorded in Chicago.


We registered amounts of it in Chicago. 

Is there a vent underneath Chicago?

No. Not exactly vents. More like capillaries. Like small veins. 

How were you able to record it?

If you drive around certain areas, you will see it suddenly register.

Why Chicago?

I don’t know…We don’t know. It isn’t enough to produce sensory deprivation. We know that. So we don’t know what’s happening there. We don’t even know if it is strong enough, volume enough, to produce any changes.

Do you know where these veins are?

That would take a considerable amount of exploration and the political climate in Chicago doesn’t exactly provide for that kind of activity. Besides, we would never admit such a substance exists. Not officially.

What you’re saying is that there is a substance leaking from beneath Chicago that could or could not have an effect on the people, but you don’t know what it is.

You’d have to have some kind of a control to be able to compare the two areas. 

How do you know it’s the Ottotontic substance?

They gave the Germans a small sample which, apparently, was destroyed during the war.


German notes outlined what the substance consisted of. It definitely can affect our bodies and our minds when in large enough quantities.

Don’t you think the people of Chicago have a right to know that something is seeping into the city that could adversely affect them? 

One question leads to another, and before you know it, we are at the doorstep of the Ottotontics. If no one is suffering sensory deprivation or dying because of it, why bother to point it out?

Has it been registered in other places around the country?

Yes. St. Louis and Los Angeles. Oh, and… Portland.



For how long?

How long has it been registered?

No. How long has it been seeping?

Millions of years, for all we know.

Is it possible that some people are more affected by it than others?

Maybe. But at these levels that’s very difficult to say. Take a blood sample, and you will never find it. Do a DNA test and nothing. Only our instruments that can record it are able to expose its presence. But there’s no way, yet, to measure at these levels what their effect on people…is.

But this isn’t something the Ottotontics are doing, right?

No. This is a natural occurrence that only came to our attention when we developed instruments based on what the Germans had been given; what they had recorded in their notes.

So they never had the actual substance.

Oh, yes, they did, but, as I said, it was destroyed in the war.

There isn’t a possibility it could have been seeping into Germany too, is there?


We have never used our instruments in Germany.

You need to fly to Germany, and you need to test your instruments.

Even if there were, or had been, the atmosphere now may not be like the atmosphere back in 1945.

Wait a minute. Hold on here. I hope you are not suggesting that this stuff may have played a role in what happened in Germany back then. 

Are there any vents in Germany?

Not that we are aware of. But I seriously doubt this has anything to do with what happened in Germany.

Well, here’s a question: if there are only three vents: Antarctica, northern Pakistan, and East Africa, why would an Ottotontic travel all the way from one of those areas to come into contact with Germans?


Yeah, why not Pakistanis?

Or Chinese or some such.

There has to be a vent in Germany.

They… never mentioned that in their… disclosures.

What other influences might the Ottotontics have had on the Germans?

Okay, these questions are beginning to sound very ominous and very unhelpful. 

A nation gassed, and they didn’t even know it?

This conference is terminated. You will direct all of your inquiries and opinions to the offices of the Department of Homeland Security. Thank you. 

What if it registers in Germany?

And what if it doesn’t?

You need to find out.

I’ll make you a wager. I will bet you my job that when we go there we will not find any evidence of that substance. What happened in Germany has absolutely nothing to do with the Ottotontics. Or that substance.

You’re on, my friend. And you better be right. 

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