Parrington Response to Edmund C.

Mr. Edmund Cewshing

The Hotel Sun Garden

Lusaka, Zambia


My Dear Mr. Cewshing,

Thank you for your correspondence of the 17th. I hope your trip to Lusaka was a safe one. Anne sends her greetings as well. I am sorry I conveyed skepticism regarding your expectations for the descent down this vent you believe exists in Zambia. It is simply a matter of what we already know about that country, and no one has ever discussed or written or displayed any information about such a vent. Particularly one as large as you describe hiding behind some water falls. I have done about as much checking on this as is humanly possible. And they are very tight lipped in Germany. Medieval monks? They believed in witches and demons. Hardly a reputable source.

As for what you told me about Antarctica, I have contacted several very top level government officials in Washington, and they all deny such a place exists. Even my Russian and Chinese associates doubt the existence of some geological hole extending nine hundred miles beneath the continent’s surface. And as for four women explorers, what company would operate and fund such a thing without government knowledge? Even those who confess such a thing claim the expedition they were on had nothing to do with a vent but rather the discovery of an ancient civilization. So who is your source? Maybe they are the ones deceiving you.

The whole thing still interests me, as I told you in Seoul, but I invested in you to find gold in the amount you claim. If you come up empty handed, you still owe me and the others for the sum we gave you. My check on you has proven fortunate, as you have discovered other important assets in the past, and I know you have some plans of your own, so you have to keep on the straight and narrow or all the money in the world will not help you.

Once you have left the hotel, how will you correspond with us? It’s not like there’s a cell phone tower where you are going? And I am currently on my way to Singapore.

The best of luck, good hunting, and all of the rest of it. Cheers!


Campbell Parrington

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