Letter regarding the East Africa Vent

Hon. Campbell Parrington

East Dorchester

Camdien Place, GB 354


Dear Mr. Parrington,

I am of the belief our meeting in Seoul was quite successful. You seem to definitely agree with me; hence, my journey to Zambia. I did, however, sense your skepticism about what I claim exists down that massive vent behind the falls I mentioned. Rest assured, sir, it does exist. Trillions of it. I already told you why I know this.

Needless to say my plans have little to do with self aggrandizement or the hunger to speed off to the moon or Mars or transferring world transportation to electricity.

No, my efforts are far more personal than that.

I want to manufacture two things: one, a synthetic skin or covering people can put on that will prevent the penetration of bullets and other explosive material. Something available for the average citizen. Second, I want to build a defense system that tracks, surrounds, attaches, and destroys ballistic and intercontinental ballistic missiles. End mutually assured destruction. I already have the plans in my head for both these projects. And there are others.

The trillions I melt down from what we find down that vent will finance my efforts. So, I am off to Zambia to find the vent and begin our descent. I trust you will join me in time. I plan to set up my labs and factories in France. Can you believe that? But the French seem to have finally come about with a common sense that hasn’t existed there since Charlemagne. Do not tell Monsieur Orgueil I said that.

Thank you for your modest investment. I know you will be happy with the return on it. I will inform you of our discoveries. My best to your lovely wife, Anne.

As Always,

Edmund C.

East Africa Vent Intro

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