Intercepted Communication

02 Nov 21

6 : 67 AM L.T.

Northwood origin

Encrypted text deciphered at Pommel Green. L.T. Norris sup. Bldg. 3 Comp. 22. Copy U.S., S.A.

The Channel (code name) is at Kundabwika Falls. Question now is: was he informed of the extreme sacredness of this location among the locals? They will not tolerate camping in the area. If they find him, they will arrest him and take him to Manunga for transport. The Zambia government has shown an increasing intolerance for tourist disrespect for local areas. And certain local people have refused permission for tourist camping. The Kundabwika Falls is considered one of the most sacred of locations in northern Zambia. Rituals are performed regularly as part of an ongoing relationship between the people and the spirits that are said to reside there. The entrepreneur received a permit from the government for probably a considerable amount of money in order to have a safari camp near the falls. But he is being closely monitored. Two rangers are with him at all times. Many whites have been pushed out of Zimbabwe and are now residing in Zambia. Some of them may be hired by the entrepreneur. Remains to be seen. If the Channel sees an increase in activity, he will report this when he returns to London. If there is as much gold down the Zambian vent as there appears to be down the Antarctica vent, we may find ourselves in a completely untenable situation. Zambia could become the next Vietnam or Iraq. In that event, we must consider the elimination of the entrepreneur and his party. Interested nations will conceive of a plan to open up the area. Any number of scenarios are possible. S.A. is keeping parties informed so as not to suggest any anti-Muslim sentiment. This is not the issue. But rumors can produce horrible results. Actions could be taken based on false information. A suggestion has been made, as an example, that the entrepreneur wishes to use the gold found to finance an entirely new cultural/media platform with the intention of eliminating Hollywood and its satellite associates from any impact. Talent would be lured out of California and placed somewhere else, as yet unknown. Salaries would ensure dedication. This is reminiscent of the tech bubble of the nineties. Zambia is predominantly Christian. Does the entrepreneur intend to make Zambia the replacement for Hollywood? That would mean a major migration out of California and into Africa. Whites are already being welcomed in Zambia. Is the entrepreneur Christian? What exactly does he have in mind? And how does all of this relate to the Ottotontics who are clearly the unknown factor. What would they do, if they found out invaders were coming in from the Zambian vent? The lid is already on the Antarctica vent with intelligence revealing war with the Ottotontics is inevitable should anyone pursue the gold there. What is the entrepreneur’s influence with the government and around the world. The Channel needs to find out.

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