Inquiry : East Africa

Intercepted Phone Conversation            October 2, 2021
        Sector 2931  Event Contact

	Caller # 1 : Where are you?

	Caller # 2 :  Puerto Williams, Chile. I'm waiting for the task force to pick me up and take me to Ushuaia Airport. From there I'll fly to Buenos Aires, then to Lusaka.  We've got a ride to a private air strip where I'll fly to a small village near Kundabwika Falls. We tracked the device to a camp not too far from there.

	Caller # 1: They're going to give you a portfolio of the people involved. There's an entrepreneur, his pilot, a mercenary, and two local rangers. We suspect they've chosen the area because the second of the three grand vents is located somewhere near there. The identity of the entrepreneur is in the portfolio. How he got ahold of the information about the vent in Antarctica we don't know. Information can be bought. We suspect they are armed and quite dangerous. Trillions in gold is what they are after. We believe this is just a preliminary search first, before they send in the personnel. They will, of course, if they find the vent, have to go down the same way the four women explorers did in Antarctica, but they don't have the same technology or equipment as the Terranaut Base in the Pacific. The expedition down the 

Antarctica vent has been called off since the disappearance of the four women and new intelligence on the capabilities of the Ottotontics who, apparently, are prepared to declare war. Some of the intelligence is B.S. because we want the Ottotontics to appear as dangerous as possible to avoid any stupid ventures down the vents. I don't think these people know what they are getting themselves into because if they did, I doubt they'd even try to go down there.

	Caller # 1 And still no word on the condition of the four women?

	Caller # 2 No. We suspect the vehicle they went down in has to have been confiscated by the Ottotontics, and they are currently examining it. They now know they are not alone and have been discovered. There is no telling how they are dealing with this information.

	Caller # 1 I'm going to need local support. Any word on that?

	Caller # 2 Yes. The Zambia government now knows about the arrival of the entrepreneur. The problem is we don't know what kind of clout he has in Zambia. So, obviously, your job is to find out. 

	Caller # 1 Any contact from me once I get there?

	Caller # 2 No. Find out what you can, and then fly back to London.

	Caller # 1 Are we still retrieving them out of the third vent?

	Caller # 2 Circumstances have changed over there. For their safety, we have stopped the retrieval. We've learned a lot but we can't risk... you know.

	Caller # 1 Understood. If I come into actual contact with the quartet in Zambia, any message?

	Caller # 2 See if you can find out how they got ahold of the information about the vent in Antarctica. The only tip off we have was their intercepted messages between two Russian researchers down there. We've never been able to establish that relationship. It's like they were eavesdropping on the Russians, while the Russians were eavesdropping on the Americans, while the Americans were eavesdropping on the Ottotontics, while we were eavesdropping on the Americans.

	Caller # 1 It means one thing.

	Caller # 2 Yes?

	Caller # 1 They've got some professional hackers on their team. 

	Caller #2 And what else is new?

	Caller # 1 Right. Being seeing you again and again and again. 

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