The Ottotontic World So Far…

Various scenarios playing out between the Ottotontic world below and the Above world atop the surface of the Earth:

Grapling/Lins Quinfek and Jundus have both left Ubinika, leader of the Graplings/Lins community. Quinfek is disgusted with Ubinika’s interference in something Niff tries to do involving Gavanar, leader of the Haplings. Through a confidential network, Niff gets word to Ubinika of his dedication to her commitment to the Grapling assertion of Dismissal which is the removal of new life conceived. Ubinika agrees to meet with Niff but something happens to her along the way because of a subordinate of Niff.

Jundus, a close known of Ubinika’s, has left her because of something happening to Jundus in her attempt to involve Gavanar in a new alliance with Jundus for the sake and safety of the entire Ottotontic world. Jundus convinces Ubinika such an alliance between the Haplings and the Graplings would ensure no new conflict between them would occur.

Santric, meanwhile, is elevated to the Grand Panel at the behest of Gavanar after Kekel loses his position. Santric is then in a much stronger position to confront the assertion of Dismissal and end it. But something happens to Santric, and he ends up in the Korns/United Individuals community which he never expected.

The search for the four missing explorers who descended the Grand Vent in Antarctica in the Talon Valley 3-2-1 capsule continues as word spreads of massive amounts of gold found in the grand vent. This information reaches an entrepreneur who, through various sources, learns of the existence of two other grand vents, each of which could contain trillions or more in gold. He sets out to find the vent in East Africa.

International intelligence organizations, particularly in England, monitor the entrepreneur’s activity, fearing that his descent into another vent would encourage hostilities with the Ottotontics who have been maintaining contact with the Above world through the grand vent in northern Pakistan, (even as the Ottotontic government denies the existence of such an above world to the Ottotontics themselves: for security reasons.)

Communications with the Ottotontics have disclosed that they have a neural toxic gas which renders people catatonic. And they have developed a light source four times brighter than the sun. The lumens of the device were measured. This, coupled with the uncertainty of the exact number of all existing grand vents, provokes an aversion to any confrontation with the Ottotontics.

Ubinika, Gavanar, and Apansara, (the three leaders of the Ottotontic communities) know nothing about any above world. This information is being held in closest confidence among only the elite of the elite of the Ottotontic government. And they have no knowledge of the four captured explorers being kept in isolation as the government decides what to do with both them and their capsule: a feat of technology unheard of among Ottotontics.

Hedler, meanwhile, ( a known [friend] of Santric’s) confronts Santric in a secret location and displays to Santric a reflection (image) of the four female explorers being held captive within the government buildings. Santric, observing the reflection, demands to know how Hedler or someone else had created the reflection. He believes it is a fake and Hedler, once again, is pushing his lie about an above world. Duty bound, Santric turns Hedler over to the authorities. It is a violation of the Ottotontic world assertion that there is no above world if one claims otherwise. Hedler faces confrontation (trial) and eventual removal (death).

With each passing cycle (day), the separation between the Above world and the Ottotontic world grows less and less. The fate of the four explorers and the descent of the entrepreneur in the East Africa vent remain uncertain.

Parrington Response to Edmund C.

Mr. Edmund Cewshing

The Hotel Sun Garden

Lusaka, Zambia


My Dear Mr. Cewshing,

Thank you for your correspondence of the 17th. I hope your trip to Lusaka was a safe one. Anne sends her greetings as well. I am sorry I conveyed skepticism regarding your expectations for the descent down this vent you believe exists in Zambia. It is simply a matter of what we already know about that country, and no one has ever discussed or written or displayed any information about such a vent. Particularly one as large as you describe hiding behind some water falls. I have done about as much checking on this as is humanly possible. And they are very tight lipped in Germany. Medieval monks? They believed in witches and demons. Hardly a reputable source.

As for what you told me about Antarctica, I have contacted several very top level government officials in Washington, and they all deny such a place exists. Even my Russian and Chinese associates doubt the existence of some geological hole extending nine hundred miles beneath the continent’s surface. And as for four women explorers, what company would operate and fund such a thing without government knowledge? Even those who confess such a thing claim the expedition they were on had nothing to do with a vent but rather the discovery of an ancient civilization. So who is your source? Maybe they are the ones deceiving you.

The whole thing still interests me, as I told you in Seoul, but I invested in you to find gold in the amount you claim. If you come up empty handed, you still owe me and the others for the sum we gave you. My check on you has proven fortunate, as you have discovered other important assets in the past, and I know you have some plans of your own, so you have to keep on the straight and narrow or all the money in the world will not help you.

Once you have left the hotel, how will you correspond with us? It’s not like there’s a cell phone tower where you are going? And I am currently on my way to Singapore.

The best of luck, good hunting, and all of the rest of it. Cheers!


Campbell Parrington

Letter regarding the East Africa Vent

Hon. Campbell Parrington

East Dorchester

Camdien Place, GB 354


Dear Mr. Parrington,

I am of the belief our meeting in Seoul was quite successful. You seem to definitely agree with me; hence, my journey to Zambia. I did, however, sense your skepticism about what I claim exists down that massive vent behind the falls I mentioned. Rest assured, sir, it does exist. Trillions of it. I already told you why I know this.

Needless to say my plans have little to do with self aggrandizement or the hunger to speed off to the moon or Mars or transferring world transportation to electricity.

No, my efforts are far more personal than that.

I want to manufacture two things: one, a synthetic skin or covering people can put on that will prevent the penetration of bullets and other explosive material. Something available for the average citizen. Second, I want to build a defense system that tracks, surrounds, attaches, and destroys ballistic and intercontinental ballistic missiles. End mutually assured destruction. I already have the plans in my head for both these projects. And there are others.

The trillions I melt down from what we find down that vent will finance my efforts. So, I am off to Zambia to find the vent and begin our descent. I trust you will join me in time. I plan to set up my labs and factories in France. Can you believe that? But the French seem to have finally come about with a common sense that hasn’t existed there since Charlemagne. Do not tell Monsieur Orgueil I said that.

Thank you for your modest investment. I know you will be happy with the return on it. I will inform you of our discoveries. My best to your lovely wife, Anne.

As Always,

Edmund C.

East Africa Vent Intro

Intercepted Communication

02 Nov 21

6 : 67 AM L.T.

Northwood origin

Encrypted text deciphered at Pommel Green. L.T. Norris sup. Bldg. 3 Comp. 22. Copy U.S., S.A.

The Channel (code name) is at Kundabwika Falls. Question now is: was he informed of the extreme sacredness of this location among the locals? They will not tolerate camping in the area. If they find him, they will arrest him and take him to Manunga for transport. The Zambia government has shown an increasing intolerance for tourist disrespect for local areas. And certain local people have refused permission for tourist camping. The Kundabwika Falls is considered one of the most sacred of locations in northern Zambia. Rituals are performed regularly as part of an ongoing relationship between the people and the spirits that are said to reside there. The entrepreneur received a permit from the government for probably a considerable amount of money in order to have a safari camp near the falls. But he is being closely monitored. Two rangers are with him at all times. Many whites have been pushed out of Zimbabwe and are now residing in Zambia. Some of them may be hired by the entrepreneur. Remains to be seen. If the Channel sees an increase in activity, he will report this when he returns to London. If there is as much gold down the Zambian vent as there appears to be down the Antarctica vent, we may find ourselves in a completely untenable situation. Zambia could become the next Vietnam or Iraq. In that event, we must consider the elimination of the entrepreneur and his party. Interested nations will conceive of a plan to open up the area. Any number of scenarios are possible. S.A. is keeping parties informed so as not to suggest any anti-Muslim sentiment. This is not the issue. But rumors can produce horrible results. Actions could be taken based on false information. A suggestion has been made, as an example, that the entrepreneur wishes to use the gold found to finance an entirely new cultural/media platform with the intention of eliminating Hollywood and its satellite associates from any impact. Talent would be lured out of California and placed somewhere else, as yet unknown. Salaries would ensure dedication. This is reminiscent of the tech bubble of the nineties. Zambia is predominantly Christian. Does the entrepreneur intend to make Zambia the replacement for Hollywood? That would mean a major migration out of California and into Africa. Whites are already being welcomed in Zambia. Is the entrepreneur Christian? What exactly does he have in mind? And how does all of this relate to the Ottotontics who are clearly the unknown factor. What would they do, if they found out invaders were coming in from the Zambian vent? The lid is already on the Antarctica vent with intelligence revealing war with the Ottotontics is inevitable should anyone pursue the gold there. What is the entrepreneur’s influence with the government and around the world. The Channel needs to find out.

Inquiry : East Africa

Intercepted Phone Conversation            October 2, 2021
        Sector 2931  Event Contact

	Caller # 1 : Where are you?

	Caller # 2 :  Puerto Williams, Chile. I'm waiting for the task force to pick me up and take me to Ushuaia Airport. From there I'll fly to Buenos Aires, then to Lusaka.  We've got a ride to a private air strip where I'll fly to a small village near Kundabwika Falls. We tracked the device to a camp not too far from there.

	Caller # 1: They're going to give you a portfolio of the people involved. There's an entrepreneur, his pilot, a mercenary, and two local rangers. We suspect they've chosen the area because the second of the three grand vents is located somewhere near there. The identity of the entrepreneur is in the portfolio. How he got ahold of the information about the vent in Antarctica we don't know. Information can be bought. We suspect they are armed and quite dangerous. Trillions in gold is what they are after. We believe this is just a preliminary search first, before they send in the personnel. They will, of course, if they find the vent, have to go down the same way the four women explorers did in Antarctica, but they don't have the same technology or equipment as the Terranaut Base in the Pacific. The expedition down the 

Antarctica vent has been called off since the disappearance of the four women and new intelligence on the capabilities of the Ottotontics who, apparently, are prepared to declare war. Some of the intelligence is B.S. because we want the Ottotontics to appear as dangerous as possible to avoid any stupid ventures down the vents. I don't think these people know what they are getting themselves into because if they did, I doubt they'd even try to go down there.

	Caller # 1 And still no word on the condition of the four women?

	Caller # 2 No. We suspect the vehicle they went down in has to have been confiscated by the Ottotontics, and they are currently examining it. They now know they are not alone and have been discovered. There is no telling how they are dealing with this information.

	Caller # 1 I'm going to need local support. Any word on that?

	Caller # 2 Yes. The Zambia government now knows about the arrival of the entrepreneur. The problem is we don't know what kind of clout he has in Zambia. So, obviously, your job is to find out. 

	Caller # 1 Any contact from me once I get there?

	Caller # 2 No. Find out what you can, and then fly back to London.

	Caller # 1 Are we still retrieving them out of the third vent?

	Caller # 2 Circumstances have changed over there. For their safety, we have stopped the retrieval. We've learned a lot but we can't risk... you know.

	Caller # 1 Understood. If I come into actual contact with the quartet in Zambia, any message?

	Caller # 2 See if you can find out how they got ahold of the information about the vent in Antarctica. The only tip off we have was their intercepted messages between two Russian researchers down there. We've never been able to establish that relationship. It's like they were eavesdropping on the Russians, while the Russians were eavesdropping on the Americans, while the Americans were eavesdropping on the Ottotontics, while we were eavesdropping on the Americans.

	Caller # 1 It means one thing.

	Caller # 2 Yes?

	Caller # 1 They've got some professional hackers on their team. 

	Caller #2 And what else is new?

	Caller # 1 Right. Being seeing you again and again and again. 

An Ottotontic Belief

Spemata and Ergo : The Highest Reality

Ottotontics consider the sperm and the egg their most sacred treasures to be held with the highest reverence and respect. Their belief system begins with these two realities, Spemata and Ergo, coming together as one and creating the Ottotontic world which is the only world the Ottotontics know. It is for this consideration that new Ottotontic life is regarded as the most sacred gift of Spemata and Ergo and requires the influence and guidance of both a Hapling and a Grapling for which they cupple with a ritual held in the sacred temple of Spemata and Ergo, a Calipontel. Here, ovieyoms (priests) oversee the ritual and proclaim the Hapling and the Grapling one whole and complete Ottotontic. To be whole, two make whole, by cuppling. One male, one female, two halves of the perfect Ottotontic total being.

Whenever spemata or ergo are released from an Ottotontic body, intense mental consideration takes place, and the ergos, offered every multicycle, are kept in sacred containers in sacred places, some of which over the centuries have been consumed by fire, to release the ergos to the realm of Spemata and Ergo, only to return later as the gifts of life. No ergo or spemata are seen as anything less than the most important aspect of Ottotontic reality. This is why there is such animosity between Haplings, cupplers, and Graplings when it comes to Dismissal, the Ottotontic assertion that a Grapling has the power to remove a new life whenever she wants. It goes against everything believers in Spemata and Ergo, something the Graplings reject, hold dear. In the same way, Korns or United Individuals, are equally incomplete because they are only two halves and never a whole Ottotontic, whether or not they are two males, two females, a male turned into a female, or a female turned into a male; they are all incomplete to the cupplers. And it is this belief of incompleteness that has built up so much resentment between the Korns and the Haplings, and an alliance between the Korns and the Graplings. Spemata and ergo are not considered anything important in those two communities and are abandoned without concern. They are dumped on waste centers and spurted into the rectanal even if Ottotontic waste has yet to be pushed out. In mockery of the belief system of Spemata and Ergo, the Korns raised flags of rectanals and danced and bowed about them, proclaiming rectanals their most sacred treasure. This is one of the incidents that eventually provoked the Great Conflict and nearly destroyed the Ottotontic world. 

Below is a representational image of one of the Calipontels that exist throughout the Ottotontic world. Clearly visible are representations of the two great realities: Spemata, on the left, and Ergo, on the right. Above them are the translated words in English ‘SPEMATA AND ERGO ARE ONE’. The ‘altar’ in the middle of the Calipontel is where the ovieyom stands to cupple the Hapling and the Grapling. Vocattoes which are Ottotontic choruses fill the Calipontel with sounds that resonate in each Ottotontic and are victory songs for the one Ottotontic after the cuppling ritual has been completed.

Because the spemata and ergo of each Hapling and Grapling, respectively, are treasured more than any other reality in the Ottotontic world of believers, the envenidas of the two are bathed in special oils derived from various sources. This is to commemorate what exists inside each envenida. The Ottotontics do not look upon their reproductive organs with repulsion, shame, or disgust. Instead, they revere them as the gifts of Spemata and Ergo, the creators of their world. There are factions within the belief system of Spemata and Ergo who want to engage (copulate) publicly during the ritual, but this has been forbidden. Such displays are considered an indifference to the sacredness of both the envenidas and the spemata and ergo and are a self-indulgence rather than a display of genuine reverence. Once the bathing has been completed, the envenidas are dressed in sacred wrappings which are said to enhance the abilities of each and ensure new lives will be forthcoming.

After the ritual has been completed, the cupplers journey to their place of choice to produce a new life (a baby Ottotontic) and to live the lives they have both pledged to live. After nine multicycles, a new life is brought into the Ottotontic world, having been born the day of conception. That new life is raised with the same belief that spemata and ergo are the highest treasured realities of the Ottotontic world.

Retrieved Transcript

Boston Conference (Code name)

Status: Top Secret

March 3, 2020 (Code Date)

Member Status: Level 29 (Code Level)

RC 60w.s Crt 4577321

I think the Ottotontics are bluffing. First of all, those accounts occurred back in 1945. And this rep for the O’s is telling these Germans that the O’s can produce a light 4 times brighter than a hydrogen bomb. The hydrogen bomb hadn’t even been invented yet. 

Its theoretical construction was on the table. Scientist were already considering its possibility in 1945. That was the reference point the Ottotontics were using.

But what technology could they possibly have that could produce that kind of light?

The same effort that produced the hydrogen bomb.

That’s impossible. The reaction produced that level of light. And only for a… nano second.

We are not talking about a bomb; we are talking about photon plasma technology. Scientists know that photons can be manipulated. The Ottotontics not only found that out to be true, they found out how to maximize emission. Lumens. Brilliance. Brightness.

Four times the lumens produced by an H bomb? You actually believe that’s possible?

The sun is in the sky. Do you believe that’s possible?

The sun is the product of billions of years of a variety of processes which occur all over the universe. What the Ottotontics are talking about has to happen in a lab under controlled conditions.

How do you know that? How do you know that some things can’t be created without a lab?

The argument is: it is not worth confronting them when it comes to these four scientists… explorers. After all, they invaded their world. The Ottotontics did not come after them.

If we display fear; if we display weakness… this is an open invitation to any hostile prepared to invade our world. Our… country. 

Like who? Them? They are more concerned about us disturbing them, then they have ever been about disturbing us. Ottotontics vanish if they believe there is an above world. They remove them. Permanently.

That’s what they tell you.

And I believe them. It is in their interests to do two things: first, not to allow some kind of panic because the Ottotontics discover there actually is an above world and second, make certain nothing happens to the vents that provide them with air, cold air, water, and ventilation. What this is is the result of a species, us, always being curious, never being satisfied. And they have known what we are capable of from at least the 15th century to the 20th century. That’s five hundred years of keeping a lid on us. We have to know when it is time to stop, and this is the time.

So we are working to find out how to travel in space to find new life forms, and we have a new life form right under our noses, and we are just going to ignore it.

For the sake and safety of our world, yes. There are tribes in South America that scientists try to study. You know what happens to them when they are discovered by the tribes? They are killed. You want to know why? Because these people do not want to be disturbed; they do not want to change. And governments down there are smart enough to know that retaliating for those deaths is nothing more than a death sentence for those people. There is value in preservation. It links us successfully to the past and to realities we may not comprehend but we need to respect them, just as we demand our way of life is preserved, protected, and respected. If they went out and tried to destroy our world, that’s a different story. But they aren’t. And neither are the Ottotontics.

Who is compelling them to play our culture game?

What do you mean?

One of them did an interview as if she were a star in some show.

That was a way to help dismiss them. Nobody cares about silly antics. It is the goof ball operation that nobody notices that gets things done. Someone somewhere could convince the world such a place exists. That cannot happen. These… productions… help to… downplay that possibility.

Where is she?

She lives in Los Angeles. There are seven of them in Los Angeles. They are all involved in a production as a means to make certain nobody takes them or this situation seriously. It was an idea that came up in a series of negotiations. The Ottotontics were against it, at first, but the dismiss-ability of it was too good to pass up, apparently. They are playing out roles written for them; it is completely different from the actual Ottotontic world. Core leaders refused to let them be filmed for real, so they agreed to do a 3D version instead. And why? Because if we allowed this to get out, to actually become real, everybody is doomed. 

Have people seen them?

No. Other than our people. They are kept in a sound stage in Culver City, have living facilities, their type of food– sort of–and have access to private jets that can take them to northern Pakistan if they need a break. Cars are completely tinted so no one can see them.

They fly to Pakistan?


Who’s paying for all this?

We are.

If this is all 3D, why do they need to even be here?

They want to monitor what we are doing. They don’t want to be misrepresented. And they want to know if anything occurs which threatens them, the vents, their world—they want to be ready. They have physical attributes that will never show up in the productions. And they kind of like pretending to be like us. It fits in with a society obsessed with make believe. They’ve seen our productions, and our addiction to make believe astounds them. It’s all to make certain that if someone insists the Ottotontics exist, they can be quickly debunked. Who is going to believe some cheap 3D story?

What kind of attributes?

I’m not at liberty to tell you. Suffice it to say they are different. 

Do the 3D depictions represent them at all?

Yes, they are very much like them, but not in all aspects.

What about the four explorers? And their machine.

We are working on that. It’s a tenuous situation. We don’t want to provoke them. Their physiology provides them with protections against the toxicity of the substance they have. If we were do something horrific like use nuclear weapons against them, even conventional weapons, that substance would be released and that would be the end of us.

Wait a minute. Why do productions about the four explorers? Why promote that?

To keep their situation, the explorer’s situation, on the table. As long as they know we know this happened, it may prevent anything from happening to the explorers. But if they believe that we are prepared to do something… disturbing, that would be the end of us.

Or so they want you to believe. Do you have any evidence?


The substance was recorded in Chicago.


We registered amounts of it in Chicago. 

Is there a vent underneath Chicago?

No. Not exactly vents. More like capillaries. Like small veins. 

How were you able to record it?

If you drive around certain areas, you will see it suddenly register.

Why Chicago?

I don’t know…We don’t know. It isn’t enough to produce sensory deprivation. We know that. So we don’t know what’s happening there. We don’t even know if it is strong enough, volume enough, to produce any changes.

Do you know where these veins are?

That would take a considerable amount of exploration and the political climate in Chicago doesn’t exactly provide for that kind of activity. Besides, we would never admit such a substance exists. Not officially.

What you’re saying is that there is a substance leaking from beneath Chicago that could or could not have an effect on the people, but you don’t know what it is.

You’d have to have some kind of a control to be able to compare the two areas. 

How do you know it’s the Ottotontic substance?

They gave the Germans a small sample which, apparently, was destroyed during the war.


German notes outlined what the substance consisted of. It definitely can affect our bodies and our minds when in large enough quantities.

Don’t you think the people of Chicago have a right to know that something is seeping into the city that could adversely affect them? 

One question leads to another, and before you know it, we are at the doorstep of the Ottotontics. If no one is suffering sensory deprivation or dying because of it, why bother to point it out?

Has it been registered in other places around the country?

Yes. St. Louis and Los Angeles. Oh, and… Portland.



For how long?

How long has it been registered?

No. How long has it been seeping?

Millions of years, for all we know.

Is it possible that some people are more affected by it than others?

Maybe. But at these levels that’s very difficult to say. Take a blood sample, and you will never find it. Do a DNA test and nothing. Only our instruments that can record it are able to expose its presence. But there’s no way, yet, to measure at these levels what their effect on people…is.

But this isn’t something the Ottotontics are doing, right?

No. This is a natural occurrence that only came to our attention when we developed instruments based on what the Germans had been given; what they had recorded in their notes.

So they never had the actual substance.

Oh, yes, they did, but, as I said, it was destroyed in the war.

There isn’t a possibility it could have been seeping into Germany too, is there?


We have never used our instruments in Germany.

You need to fly to Germany, and you need to test your instruments.

Even if there were, or had been, the atmosphere now may not be like the atmosphere back in 1945.

Wait a minute. Hold on here. I hope you are not suggesting that this stuff may have played a role in what happened in Germany back then. 

Are there any vents in Germany?

Not that we are aware of. But I seriously doubt this has anything to do with what happened in Germany.

Well, here’s a question: if there are only three vents: Antarctica, northern Pakistan, and East Africa, why would an Ottotontic travel all the way from one of those areas to come into contact with Germans?


Yeah, why not Pakistanis?

Or Chinese or some such.

There has to be a vent in Germany.

They… never mentioned that in their… disclosures.

What other influences might the Ottotontics have had on the Germans?

Okay, these questions are beginning to sound very ominous and very unhelpful. 

A nation gassed, and they didn’t even know it?

This conference is terminated. You will direct all of your inquiries and opinions to the offices of the Department of Homeland Security. Thank you. 

What if it registers in Germany?

And what if it doesn’t?

You need to find out.

I’ll make you a wager. I will bet you my job that when we go there we will not find any evidence of that substance. What happened in Germany has absolutely nothing to do with the Ottotontics. Or that substance.

You’re on, my friend. And you better be right. 

Transcript 45736586-324JD47QV98706

DHS Code 29 TEBT

Schmitz Letter


Dr. Huger Schmitz

University of Tolan (Code name)

West Hempt (Code name), Germany

Dear Dr. Schmitz:

Discovery of a massive vent in Antarctica and the disappearance of four British explorers alleged to have descended that vent has brought out in the open a long kept secret about a civilization that exists over 1000 kilometers beneath the Earth’s surface. Hollow Earth enthusiasts were and are unaware of this reality, because the people who knew about the civilization were members of a secret organization that dedicated itself to keeping the civilization a secret. Why? Because they knew what the Ottotontics would do if they were ever disturbed: they would wage war. 

This kind of war and the war of our people on the surface are two different kinds of war. The Ottotontics have massive stockpiles of a substance, probably a gas, that can render life on the surface without the ability to comprehend. Synaptic events would not occur. Even at the most basic level, life forms would lose the ability to function normally. On top of that, the secret organization knows the Ottotontics have a technology that is akin to the DC Project which is the pursuit of the creation of the 4 Power Lumen Design. Four times the brightness of the hydrogen bomb without the blast or the radiation. The Ottotontics claimed in 1945 in Germany, during one of their few visits to the surface, that they had the ability to produce this light at any magnitude they chose. This is the equivalence of as many suns as is necessary to stop intruders. But only the light, not the radiation. How they are able to do this is a technology only they have. Hollywood producers, writers, directors, and others around the world, if they find out about this, will attempt to replicate this device in their movies and their TV shows, as rumors warrant, but they will never match the reality. The human eye cannot withstand, even with eye shields, this kind of brightness. It is incomprehensible. The Germans at the time tried to acquire this technology but it was too late. The Allies were too near, and the war ended.

The combination of the substance and the light makes any kind of military confrontation or conflict with the Ottotontics an act of suicide for us. Nevertheless, there will always be those who believe they can achieve the 4 Power Lumen Design. Companies around the world are already working on this technology, believing that once they acquire it, it will replace conventional weaponry. Viruses are already being released to devastating effect on world economies. But even viruses would be victims of the contained substance the Ottotontics would release. And the reason? Without the synaptic response to invasion, cells would lie dormant and provide no livable environment for any virus or disease. It would be like entering a stone chasm with nothing to utilize. And the host and the virus would eventually cease to exist.

People in intelligence organizations have stated they can intercept and stop any effort to release either the substance or the light, but their critics always raise the question: what if you fail? Is the failure worth the risk of an all out Ottotontic response? Life on the surface of the planet would be finished. It would be like turning off a toy. As the substance penetrates life forms, their synaptic and biological responses would stop, rendering them incapable of anything. The heart would stop pumping. Death would be inevitable. And any kind of nuclear strike would release the substance immediately and again end life on the planet.

So the militaries around the world need to take note: do not prepare for any kind of violent conflict with the Ottotontic world. You will fail. Negotiations will proceed to see if there is a way for the four British explorers to be returned to the surface. The Ottotontic government will not convey to the Ottotontics that an above world exists. The history of the Ottotontics is obscure with veiled references to over two million years of space travel originating from Earth and eventually ending back on Earth with its surface depleted of all natural reality. If the Ottotontics were to learn that an above world actually exists, they might discover where they came from, why, and reject where they are. But it would only begin the trend all over again: a return to space for a forced return to Earth. The molecular structure of all entities from Earth cannot over long periods of time endure being away from Earth. The bond, the link, with the planet is simply too imbedded and permanent. This was a lesson learned the hard way from long term space travel. The longer individuals were away from Earth, the more the molecular changes began and developed until the extremes of distance produced some of the most horrific alterations and aberrations ever experienced. Gravity, radiation, atmosphere, and many other factors played key roles in attacking the human body and mind. Even with protective technologies, the changes were inevitable. And it became abundantly clear that space travel, over long periods of time, destroys human reality, human perception, human comprehension, and risks death. New diseases, new carcinogens, new everything was provoked by new circumstances. The Earth is as much in people as are people on and in the Earth. They are one and the same. It would be like picking up the Earth and moving it beyond Mars. The results would be catastrophic. This is exactly what happened to people when they ventured into space for long periods of time. They lost their intrinsic connection to the Earth, and their molecular structure began to alter and fail. Electrons, protons, neutrons were no longer under the influence of the Earth’s environment and lost the ability to function as if they were. The assumption that molecular structures remain the same in different locations is only provable over short term exposure. But thousands of years of exposure is a death sentence for generations. The new influences do what happens to stars. They are different, as are planets, and other celestial realities because those influences are never the same as those of Earth. People will become something else in new environments, and they will not hop around the galaxy as in so many science fiction scenarios. They will change based on the lack of Earth in their realm. In fifteen generations, people will no longer be people. They will be aliens. So when one looks at the Ottotontic, one had better think hard before embracing the philosophy of space travel. It too has its lessons to be learned. Not from some simple trip to Mars, but from centuries of assumptions that in space no one ever changes. Were dinosaurs ever replaced by people as the number one predator? So it will occur in space. The alien one fears may well be an ancestor or descendent of one’s self. Walk out the door a Neanderthal, walk back in a Wall Street stock broker. So it will be with space travel. The consolation that one will not live to see it, because one dies after so many years, does not alter the fundamental truth that evolution is not just involuntary but a result of environmental changes. Like leaving Earth. So if you disregard the Ottotontic as insignificant, consider this: virtual reality may well be the only reality left in fifteen generations. A self sustained completely fabricated concept generated by a technology self advancing and self contained. What is the risk of space travel? Perhaps you should ask the Otttontics. The top leaders inside the Grand Panel core already know where they came from and why. Yes, Earth is their home, but it wasn’t for a very long time. We are their Neanderthal. The skulls found in the lava tube are those of a species that existed between us and the Ottotontics. But long since extinct. Maybe they came back to Earth for a time between now and 2.7 million years from now. Who knows? But what does it matter? What does matter is within the confines of the virtual reality of the Ottotontic world some 900 miles beneath the Earth’s surface are truths we cannot ignore as we begin our journey to the stars. That journey is far more perilous than any conceived of and or experienced on Earth. The grappling hook of evolution awaits. And there will be those foolish enough and blind enough to pursuit it. They know they shouldn’t jump into a volcano; the problem is they do not perceive space the same way: just as dangerous. But it is. What if a human being became a virus or vice versa? What if a virus became a human being? Its behavior would mimic one of latching on to others, replicating itself as them, and expanding, using the capabilities of the original creators. They enter into other environments, replicating the discoveries within those environments, and incorporating themselves, removing the original hosts. Their importance, based on complete theft of the originals, replacing them, makes them the new reality: a totally duplicated fraud. Not the real thing. Not a real human. Such an idea is not new. Stories of alien entities coming to Earth and replicating people, replacing them as a means of survival, is just like a virus. But replication to undersell and undermine originators as a means to replace those originators is precisely the new form of evolution. Once the originators are removed, the viral human can do and be whatever he or she wants, replicating someone else and so on and so forth. This is why acting is a form of viral behavior. Its purpose is to mimic and be financially rewarded for that mimicry, just like a virus is rewarded for its mimicry by pretending to be RNA and DNA. So acting is a kind of virus, living off of the real world but always remaining fake. Viral humans may well be the greatest threat to humanity because they steal ideas, steal products, steal life experiences, all for the sake of making money. They are the new alien in our midst. They pretend to be something they are not. Then they work diligently to use their thefts to control economies and everyone else. They haven’t an original idea within them, so they steal other ideas, or appropriate them, and then use those appropriations to get people to buy their cheaper versions, putting the originators out of business. The Ottotontics may be a virtual reality world, but viral humans are quite real. Through their mimicry they produce an effect of importance and necessity, neither of which is genuinely true. There is nothing either important or necessary about pretending to be anyone but that is precisely how they are perceived, because their mimicry is lauded for its familiarity, its authenticity, its creativity, none of which has anything to do with reality: the real thing, the real person. Is this a human flaw? This adulation of mimicry? Is this proof that viral humans have power? They certainly do collect a lot of money for not being anything or anyone real. So why, in our human society, do we reward them so much? Why is their viral behavior so important to us? Why are special effects so impressive? Does there have to be war between the above world and the Ottotontic world for there to be value ? And does the visualization of that war have to be such that people are so dazzled by it that they think it is the best thing they have ever seen? Does weeping over the death of a comic book hero constitute some form of madness? And why are comic book heroes actually considered so important that they produce millions and billions in revenue? 

All of these changes in human perception of importance may well trace right back to the landing on the moon. Once we landed on the moon, science fiction became science fact. And nothing therefore seemed impossible, not the least of which was creating and developing code. Code within the confines of computation provided new visuals, new methods of display. Suddenly a dinosaur looked and sounded real. But again, this is viral behavior. The dinosaur in film is a mimic of the real thing. There really aren’t super heroes, but they look and sound and move so realistically because of code. The new and possibly most dangerous of all viruses. Because we rely so heavily on our five senses, code is being developed to influence and dazzle those senses. Optical and audio especially. A suspect in a case might well state on trial that the video showing him or her doing whatever crime it is they are accused of is not real. It is a fake. Even the DNA has been replicated for forced evidence. A message is being sent to humanity, and humanity is not listening. Viral behavior needs control. It needs a leash. It needs boundaries. We need to stop rewarding it as if it is actually more important than reality. 

If you have any influence in your country, I urge you to urge them to work at making certain nothing happens to the vents and nothing happens to the Ottotontic world. I fear that if something does, it will be the last thing we ever do, and all the mimicry in the world will not help us. Mimicry is beginning to act like a curtain, hiding the truth from us.


R. Talon