An Ottotontic Belief

Spemata and Ergo : The Highest Reality

Ottotontics consider the sperm and the egg their most sacred treasures to be held with the highest reverence and respect. Their belief system begins with these two realities, Spemata and Ergo, coming together as one and creating the Ottotontic world which is the only world the Ottotontics know. It is for this consideration that new Ottotontic life is regarded as the most sacred gift of Spemata and Ergo and requires the influence and guidance of both a Hapling and a Grapling for which they cupple with a ritual held in the sacred temple of Spemata and Ergo, a Calipontel. Here, ovieyoms (priests) oversee the ritual and proclaim the Hapling and the Grapling one whole and complete Ottotontic. To be whole, two make whole, by cuppling. One male, one female, two halves of the perfect Ottotontic total being.

Whenever spemata or ergo are released from an Ottotontic body, intense mental consideration takes place, and the ergos, offered every multicycle, are kept in sacred containers in sacred places, some of which over the centuries have been consumed by fire, to release the ergos to the realm of Spemata and Ergo, only to return later as the gifts of life. No ergo or spemata are seen as anything less than the most important aspect of Ottotontic reality. This is why there is such animosity between Haplings, cupplers, and Graplings when it comes to Dismissal, the Ottotontic assertion that a Grapling has the power to remove a new life whenever she wants. It goes against everything believers in Spemata and Ergo, something the Graplings reject, hold dear. In the same way, Korns or United Individuals, are equally incomplete because they are only two halves and never a whole Ottotontic, whether or not they are two males, two females, a male turned into a female, or a female turned into a male; they are all incomplete to the cupplers. And it is this belief of incompleteness that has built up so much resentment between the Korns and the Haplings, and an alliance between the Korns and the Graplings. Spemata and ergo are not considered anything important in those two communities and are abandoned without concern. They are dumped on waste centers and spurted into the rectanal even if Ottotontic waste has yet to be pushed out. In mockery of the belief system of Spemata and Ergo, the Korns raised flags of rectanals and danced and bowed about them, proclaiming rectanals their most sacred treasure. This is one of the incidents that eventually provoked the Great Conflict and nearly destroyed the Ottotontic world. 

Below is a representational image of one of the Calipontels that exist throughout the Ottotontic world. Clearly visible are representations of the two great realities: Spemata, on the left, and Ergo, on the right. Above them are the translated words in English ‘SPEMATA AND ERGO ARE ONE’. The ‘altar’ in the middle of the Calipontel is where the ovieyom stands to cupple the Hapling and the Grapling. Vocattoes which are Ottotontic choruses fill the Calipontel with sounds that resonate in each Ottotontic and are victory songs for the one Ottotontic after the cuppling ritual has been completed.

Because the spemata and ergo of each Hapling and Grapling, respectively, are treasured more than any other reality in the Ottotontic world of believers, the envenidas of the two are bathed in special oils derived from various sources. This is to commemorate what exists inside each envenida. The Ottotontics do not look upon their reproductive organs with repulsion, shame, or disgust. Instead, they revere them as the gifts of Spemata and Ergo, the creators of their world. There are factions within the belief system of Spemata and Ergo who want to engage (copulate) publicly during the ritual, but this has been forbidden. Such displays are considered an indifference to the sacredness of both the envenidas and the spemata and ergo and are a self-indulgence rather than a display of genuine reverence. Once the bathing has been completed, the envenidas are dressed in sacred wrappings which are said to enhance the abilities of each and ensure new lives will be forthcoming.

After the ritual has been completed, the cupplers journey to their place of choice to produce a new life (a baby Ottotontic) and to live the lives they have both pledged to live. After nine multicycles, a new life is brought into the Ottotontic world, having been born the day of conception. That new life is raised with the same belief that spemata and ergo are the highest treasured realities of the Ottotontic world.

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