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Disclaimer: THE OTTOTONTIC WORLD is intended for mature viewers. Parental guidance is suggested. Some points of view and issues discussed may not be suitable for everyone. Thank you.

Welcome to THE OTTOTONTIC WORLD, a Banek Media Unique Fiction Presentation.

SEASON TWO has been completed, and the format of presentation is the same as SEASON ONE. 

SEASON TWO is now available by clicking SEASON PURCHASE on the menu.

SEASON TWO is being offered at the purchase price of $2.00. All transactions are made  through  Stripe and are secure. If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, please contact Banek Media at 

This one time payment allows visitors to register and login as many times as they want to experience SEASON TWO.

To promote THE OTTOTONTIC WORLD, a film has been completed entitled, ‘Grand Vent: Antarctica’. It will appear on You Tube through the Banek Media Studios Channel soon to be live. A 35 minute film, ‘Grand Vent: Antarctica’ is a NO BUDGET motion picture. A variety of softwares have helped in the making of the movie. A trailer appears here to promote the film.

Links to the movie and other videos are available here.

Thank you for your patience.

‘Descent : Grand Vent Antarctica’ now appearing on the Banek Media Studios Channel.



Descent : Grand Vent Antarctica

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